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Domestic Violence
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  Police report that between 40% to 60% of calls they receive, especially on the night shift, are domestic disputes.  

Court Advocacy
InterAct provides court advocacy for clients involved in civil or criminal cases as a result of experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault. InterAct staff and trained volunteers can assist clients in a variety of ways.

On site at the Wake County Courthouse, InterAct advocates are present in criminal and civil domestic violence courtrooms to directly provide support and assistance to clients involved with the judicial system, and to advocate on behalf of clients to courthouse personnel. A court advocate is also available for superior court cases involving rape or sexual assault providing the same services.

Court advocates can assist with paperwork for domestic violence protective orders and criminal charges. Also referrals to the appropriate resources such as the appropriate people in law enforcement, the District Attorney, a magistrate, clerk offices, and victim services and compensation can be made. These referrals can also be made at our main office.

Although court advocates cannot provide legal advice or representation for clients in civil and criminal cases, advocates can connect clients with legal services.