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  Girls from homes with domestic violence are 6.5 times more likely to be sexually assaulted, and more likely to become pregnant as a teen.  

Youth Education Services (Y.E.S.)
Youth Education Services (Y.E.S.) of InterAct is dedicated to providing violence prevention programming to the youth of Wake County. We have been offering our programs to school classes and other community groups in Wake County since 1992. Over 50 schools and groups invite us to speak with them yearly, allowing us to reach over 6500 youths in the county each year.

Y.E.S. facilitates three programs corresponding to the grade level of the group:
Leaders for Life (3rd-5th grade)
AWARE Program (6th-8th grade)
STOP Violence (9th–12th grade)

Our programs incorporate a variety of grade-specific teaching tools and activities. Sessions are typically taught in a classroom setting, once a week; each topic functions as one session.

Topics for 3rd-5th Grades:
Domestic Violence
Anger Management/Conflict Resolution
Good Touch/Bad Touch
Self-Esteem/Personal Power
Accepting Differences
Cooperative Relationships

Topics for 6th-8th Grade:
Cyber Safety New!
Domestic Violence
Anger Management/Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution
Sexual Harassment
Self-Esteem/ Personal Power
Healthy Relationships
Teen Gangs & Media Violence
Healthy Touches

Topics for 9th–12th Grades:
Cyber Safety New!
Domestic Violence
Teen Dating Violence
Sexual Violence Prevention
Sexual Harassment
Teen Gangs & Media Violence
Healthy Relationships/Self-Esteem
Racism & Cultural Diversity
Anger Management/Conflict Resolution

There is no charge for classes facilitated in Wake County. If you would like a more detailed description of sessions or if you would like to invite Y.E.S. to your group please contact us at 828-7501.